Setting up your own online store without programming

Online shop
This article may contain affiliate marketing links, which means i may get paid commission on sales of those products or services i write about. I truly believe in the products i recommend and tested and use them myself.
Have you ever dreamt of having your own shop to sell your images or other digital products ? Are you selling your images already on microstock websites and are tired of the low royalties for all the effort you put in ? Well, both of these reasons were true for me so i decided to set up my own shop with Photo store.

But what about all the programming ??? Not a technical person ? Well though i am and have setup websites already i know what a pain that can be .... so i looked into Photo store and what can i say - setting up my own digital shop was as easy as 1,2,3 - really.

If you checked out the link you might think - puh, that is not cheap ! (If you haven't it starts at $149)

But think about the benefits:

  1. You do not need to pay anyone a commission ! All the money for you creativity belongs to you !
  2. You can sell not only images, this shop include videos, ebooks basically any kind of digital products
  3. Not enough ? Easily connect to a printing service and sell physical products to your customers - how cool is that ?
  4. You create your own customer base ! That means after a while you have an audience to sell new products to !
  5. The price includes a FREE installation service, you will be up in running in one to two hours (just image the time and money you would need to spend to set this up all by yourself !)
  6. You have a full 14 days money back guarantee, so if it is not as easy as described just get your money back !

Still not convinced ? Still too expensive ? Just see it this way:

  1. If you are already on microstock websites like Shutterstock or Dreamstime and you have a portfolio to sell you have your money back in no time (An average image on a microstock website is sold for 10$ so after 15 sales you already have your investment back !)
  2. But now comes the kicker : Photostore even let's you install the contributors add on ! Yes you heard right... invite your friends to sell their products in YOUR shop and this time YOU get the commission.
  3. Once you are up and running, use your own store like i do to promote their idea and earn a commission !

So you see... if you do this right you will have your money back eventually and then some :-)

Ready to start your own business ?

Ok so here is how it works, you have basically two options:

1. Rent a store (you just upload your stuff and pay a monthly fee)
I didn't go for this one because i wanted to have full control over everything and use my own hosting provider.

2. Get it installed (or install it yourself) on your own server
Since i already had a hosting provider i just bought the (Pro) package and installed it myself (which was ver easy by the way, all you need to do is have your domain ready and follow the step by step instructions that come with your package - but if you are not comfortable with this let ktools do it, it's free anyway)

So what do you need ? If you don't have a hosting provider you should get one first. I recommend Bluehost (as many of my fellow photographers and ktools itself because it is tested with their software).
Once you decided on a domain and name for your store you can buy the basic Photostore here (no worries you can upgrade at any time if you like it and i promise you you will)

Once your installation is ready just try a little with the settings and adjust everything to your liking, don't forget to enter your paypal account so the money can roll in.

That's it... now upload your stuff through the very intuitive web interface and you are good to go.

You are now a shop owner and with the contributors add on an employer !

Good luck with your sales !